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OEM/ODM process

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  1.  Consultation:The process begins with a consultation between the customer and the manufacturer to discuss the customer's product requirements, including design, specifications, and quantity.

  2. Design:The manufacturer creates a product design based on the customer's requirements, including technical drawings, 3D models, and samples. The customer reviews and approves the design.

  3. Sampling:The manufacturer produces a sample of the product based on the approved design, and sends it to the customer for evaluation and feedback.

  4. Testing:The customer tests the sample to ensure that it meets their specifications and requirements. Any necessary changes are discussed and implemented.

  5. Production:Once the customer approves the final sample, the manufacturer begins mass production of the product. The customer may be involved in the production process to ensure that the product meets their quality standards.

  6. Quality Control:The manufacturer performs quality control checks throughout production to ensure that the product meets the customer's specifications and requirements.

  7. Packaging and Shipping:The manufacturer packages the product according to the customer's specifications and ships it to the customer's desired location.

  8. After-Sales Support:The manufacturer provides after-sales support to the customer, including brand support, product refund and any necessary technical support.