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Congratulations! The company officially passed the customs AEO advanced certification

Time : 2023-08-28 Hits : 3

Recently, China Customs Enterprise Import and Export Credit Information Publication Platform shows that Sichuan Senziyuan Biotechnology Co.


AEO advanced certification through, means that the company has obtained a global trade "green passport", not only can enjoy the convenience of China's customs policy, but also with China's mutual recognition of Singapore, South Korea and the European Union and other 31 countries and regions to enjoy the international customs clearance priority, including simplified customs clearance procedures, reduce the rate of inspection, prioritization of business, such as "VIP" status treatment.


The company attaches great importance to the AEO advanced certification work, and has carried out several customs AEO advanced certification start-up training sessions to continuously improve and optimize against the requirements of the certification work.