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Delegation From Pingwu County People's Government Of Sichuan Province Visited Sentaiyuan

Time : 2023-02-24 Hits : 17

50The delegation first came to the China konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park, visited the intelligent central control center and greenhouse greenhouses, a detailed understanding of the planting model, konjac technology demonstration park integrated service center and two intelligent greenhouse greenhouses, will give full play to the role of science and technology to empower the county's konjac base standardization, standardization of planting, to achieve high quality and high yield of disease and insect prevention.


And later to Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd, in-depth konjac science museum and product showroom, listen carefully to the momentum of industrial development, the role of factors supporting the development of highlights and other information.

52In understanding Sentaiyuan company through the konjac high-tech product research and development, active participation in national science and technology programs and national poverty alleviation programs, the delegation praised, said the enterprise to drive people to enrichment, reflecting the responsibility of enterprises and for the people. Subsequently, the delegation came to the exhibition hall to see the products, listen to the introduction, highly affirmed the enterprise's production scale and business model.