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Deputy Director of Sichuan Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources visited Sentaiyuan

Time : 2023-06-20 Hits : 2

In the afternoon of June 10, Zhou Bing, deputy director of Sichuan Geology and Mineral Bureau, and his party visited Sichuan Sentaiyuan 3A grade industrial tourism scenic spot.


The company's explainer introduced the company's situation from a professional perspective, from raw materials to process, from process to technology, from technology to culture, the whole introduction process is step by step, fascinating, the leaders have expressed their praise.


Sichuan Senatiyuan Biotechnology Co.Ltd. is a national key leading enterprise of konjac industry, which integrates konjac cultivation, technology research and development, and product sales, insisting on the road of green and organic development, developing organic konjac planting base and producing organic konjac food.


Now we have obtained one patent for invention and 39 patents for practical new technology, and have passed seven international certifications such as BRC and FDA, and three national organic certifications such as EU and US, and won the honorary title of "SENTAI" China's top 100 iconic brands of agricultural products and national high-tech enterprises.