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Deputy Secretary Of The Municipal Party Committee And His Entourage Into The Chinese Konjac Technology Demonstration Park

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March 28 Leshan Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary reference China konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park andSichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to inspect the development of "a konjac" industry.


Mu Chuan County konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park is the creation of a national "grain and oil + konjac" modern agricultural park core demonstration area, is the country's first set of variety display, breeding, intelligent agriculture, technology demonstration, production, education and research, popular science education, agricultural tourism integration as one of the konjac technology demonstration park. The construction of standardized demonstration planting base of konjac more than 300 acres, demonstration led to the planting of konjac 20,000 Acres.

58At the same time in the park to provide visitors with interactive water play, accommodation experience, konjac dining, science teaching and other food, accommodation, tourism, entertainment, shopping, research as one of the immersive cultural and tourism experience, to consolidate and enhance the "ecological agriculture + tourism" development model, to create a diversified industrial development pattern.