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Director Cai Of Sichuan Provincial Department Of Agriculture And Rural Affairs And His Party Visited Sentaiyuan For Investigation

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On the afternoon of July 7, 2022, Director Cai of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs visited Sichuan Sentiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for investigation. Liu Ke, assistant to the chairman of the company, and Liu Lei, general manager, accompanied the company.

2The leaders of the research team first inspected the China Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park on the spot, and learned about the cultivation results of konjac greenhouses. It is necessary to continue to play the role of science and technology demonstration parks, actively use platforms and resources, strengthen the level of scientific planting and breeding, enhance core competitiveness, and use agriculture to drive the development of industries in surrounding areas and boost rural revitalization.


Then came to Sentiyuan Scenic Spot to visit the company's intelligent production workshop, China Konjac Science Museum and the company's product supermarket. During the period, the leaders made detailed inquiry and understanding of the company's production and processing technology, quality inspection process, and other production and operation conditions.


Since its establishment, Sentaiyuan Company has adhered to the road of relying on science and technology, seeking survival by quality, and seeking development by efficiency, taking the ecological and green Muchuan as the cornerstone of development, focusing on long-term and stable development, and setting up a technology research and development center to conduct konjac product inspection and testing. Trial production and research and development of konjac production technology, actively introduce scientific research and technical talents, and cooperate with Southwest University and other institutions. International certification such as BSCI social responsibility audit, and China organic certification in 2022.