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Into The Ecological Mu Chuan, A Magical "Konjac" Travel

Time : 2023-02-16 Hits : 13

The morning of February 16, Leshan Academy of Agricultural Sciences grassroots agricultural technicians and his entourage into China's konjac science and technology demonstration park, hit the konjac research center.

50In the konjac intelligent greenhouse greenhouse, there are a variety of konjac varieties on display. Konjac water bay constitutes an integral beauty is also particularly attractive.

51See konjac planting, konjac products intelligent production ...... in Sentaiyuan 3A level industrial tourism area, we can carry out the konjac whole industry chain visit experience.

52After years of exploration, Sentaiyuan has formed a proprietary industrial tourism experience mode, through the production workshop design tour channel and other ways to show the full production process of konjac noodles, konjac silk knots, konjac dietary fiber and other products. Various types of special learning activities, and the integration of leisure, science and technology elements, the introduction of "can be viewed, can play, can learn, can be shopping, can leisure" industrial tourism products, is a good choice for learning tourism!53