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Japan SENSHIN Co., Ltd. came to Sentaiyuan to discuss new development opportunities.

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Recently, Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. warmly received customers from Japan SENSHIN Co. The visit demonstrated Sentaiyuan's innovations in the field of konjac and also conveyed the core values of Senshin to the public.


During the visit, customers first came to the China Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park. Science and technology demonstration garden shows the whole process of konjac planting, growing and harvesting. Under the guidance of the lecturer, in-depth understanding of the growth habit of konjac, planting skills and konjac in various fields of application. Through on-site observation, customers had a more intuitive understanding of the growth and development of konjac and its yield, and highly appreciated Sentaiyuan's professionalism and technology in konjac cultivation.


Then, came to the Chinese konjac science museum. Science Museum to interactive experience way to show the history, culture and scientific knowledge of konjac. At the same time, with the help of multimedia technology, more intuitive experience of konjac in the food field application scene. Customers appreciated this, that this form of popular science is both interesting and vivid, can let the public more in-depth understanding of konjac and its value.

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The meeting was a complete success, and the customer spoke highly of Sentaiyuan's innovations and core values. Customers said that the Sentaiyuan trip, not only enhanced the understanding of Sentaiyuan products and trust, but also on the two sides of the friendly cooperation has a strong confidence. In the future, we will actively recommend more partners to visit our company and jointly promote the development of konjac industry.

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