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Konjac Breeding Breeding and Management

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- The breeding of Konjac -

Konjac Seed Disinfection


The konjac was cut into pieces from the bud eye, the size of each piece was uniform, and there was at least one bud eye on each piece, and the weight of each piece was 10g.

And the cut konjac blocks placed in the mass fraction of 2% of the washing powder solution soaking treatment for 20min, and the temperature of the washing powder solution for 40 ° C, the konjac blocks will be taken out and placed in sunlight irradiation treatment for 1h, and then the konjac placed in 75% of the alcohol soaked for 3min.

After removing it, it was soaked in mercury water with a mass fraction of 0.01% for 3min, and finally rinsed with sterile water for 4 times, each time for 3min, and the interval between the rinsing times was 10min, and the temperature of the sterile water at the time of rinsing was 30°C.

Konjac Breeding


The soil was dug out 5cm thick, and the obtained konjac seeds were put into 120 pieces per square metre, and the bud eyes of the konjac pieces were tilted towards a 45° angle, after the konjac seeds were spread all over the grooves;

Then use the excavated soil to cover the surface of the konjac seed 1cm, after laying the sawdust surface 2cm, use the remaining excavated soil to cover the surface, and cover the excavated soil until it is finished.

Nursery Management


The temperature in the nursery was maintained at about 26°C and the ground cover shed was covered with a shade net with a light transmission rate of 2 per cent, to be incubated for 30 days, then the shade net was removed and incubated at a constant temperature for 60 days.

Adopt the farmyard manure rotting solution treated through the temperature of 160℃ to spray once, the spraying amount is 100kg per mu, after the spraying is completed, the constant temperature cultivation is continued for 17 days;

When the sprouts grow to a height of 8cm, the ground film is removed, so that it grows in a natural environment for 10 days, and then the sprouts are transplanted to the konjac planting base for cultivation and management, and in accordance with the conventional management until the konjac pole falls down, the original konjac seed is harvested, and the weight of the original konjac seed is maintained at 12g, and the konjac seed can be obtained.