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Konjac Fast Drying Line: Fresh Konjac To Fine Powder In Just A Minute

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A few days ago, in order to meet the market demand, Sentaiyuan put forward the konjac fast drying line project programme, and make every effort to create efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly konjac fine powder production line.

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Equipment arrived at the factory:

On the morning of 19 August 2023, a large batch of fresh konjac fast drying line equipment was delivered to the factory one after another.

Equipment installation:

After the preliminary study and research, equipment selection, foundation levelling, assembly of large parts and debugging of working parts, the installation of konjac fine powder quick drying line was completed.

Wonderful teaching to promote enhancement:

On 28th September, the installation and commissioning of konjac flour quick drying line was completed, and the production department organised the relevant staff to carry out theoretical and practical training on operation and safety regulations at the first time.

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After testing, inspection, trial run, debugging related equipment, from fresh konjac "magic" for konjac powder in just 1 minute, the acceptance group that the equipment meets the relevant technical requirements, acceptance through.


New equipment put into production

 Fresh konjac fast drying line equipment and the old equipment compared to baking faster, remove the wash konjac, peeling konjac, cut konjac consuming manual operation time, fresh konjac into the machine baking for konjac flour only takes a minute, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Quality improvement

The new equipment in the safety and security, distribution line optimisation, operational stability and other aspects of the previous equipment has significantly improved, can be said to be tailored to the industry's leading fresh konjac drying equipment. The output of konjac flour from the quick drying line equipment is higher quality, purer in colour and better in quality.

Equipment upgrade

 Equipment upgrades for the company's energy saving, increase revenue and expenditure to play a significant role in efficiency, to ensure that the company's normal production operation to create good conditions to improve production efficiency.