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Konjac growing environment requirements

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Temperature: Konjac likes warm and humid climate, suitable for growing temperature between 20-35 degrees Celsius.

Too high or too low temperature will affect the growth of konjac.


Light: Konjac likes plenty of light, but can not be directly exposed to strong sunlight, the appropriate light intensity of 1500-2000 (Lux).

Soil fertility: Konjac has high requirements for soil fertility, preferring soft, fertile soil rich in organic matter. pH value of 5.5-6.5 is suitable.


Rainfall: Konjac needs sufficient water to maintain growth, the appropriate rainfall between 1000-1500 mm.

Heat-resistant temperature: Konjac is more sensitive to heat, suitable heat-resistant temperature between 30-35 degrees Celsius.

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Cold-tolerant temperature: konjac is more tolerant of cold, cold-tolerant temperature can be as low as 0 degrees Celsius.