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Konjac Harvesting And Storage

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Harvest time konjac can be harvested, processed and baked after one year of cultivation. Konjac growing regions with different temperatures, harvesting period is not consistent, harvesting is generally at the end of October to the end of November, 70% of the plant inverted seedlings after 15 days.

25 (2)Harvesting process choose sunny day digging, digging the konjac on the spot in the field, afternoon drying in the ventilated rain place, so that the konjac water loss of 15% after storage in the room. Can also be dug out of the konjac bulb and rhizome, remove soil, miscellaneous stems and leaves, roots, wash, scrape off the outer skin to dry.


Storage mode of harvesting dug more than 500 grams of tubers can be sold as commercial taro, 500 grams of tubers can be stored as seed taro. Harvested seed taro first placed in a dry place for storage for 3 to 4 days, and then mixed with a mixture of grass ash and quicklime, the seed taro size grading, and then dry sand layered storage.