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Konjac Industry Helps Rural Revitalization

Time : 2022-08-10 Hits : 24

2On the morning of August 5, 2022, Liu Hongfei, chief accountant of the Municipal Rural Revitalization Bureau, led a team to visit Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Since its establishment, Sentaiyuan Company has adhered to the road of relying on science and technology, seeking survival by quality, and seeking development by benefit. Taking the ecological and green Muchuan as the cornerstone of development, focusing on long-term and stable development, it has set up a technology research and development center to conduct konjac product inspection and testing. Trial production and research and development of konjac production technology, actively introduce scientific research and technical personnel, and cooperate with Southwest University and other institutions, its products have obtained BRC EU, IFS French and German, EU EU organic, JAS Japanese organic, NOP US organic, HALAL and other international certifications and BSCI International certification such as social responsibility audit.2-3The company adopts the demonstration test method and the "company + base + farmer" model, which has driven more than 4,000 poor households in deeply impoverished areas such as Liangshan and Wumeng Mountains to plant konjac, and developed a konjac base of more than 10,000 mu.


At the same time, cooperate with scientific research institutions to set up expert technical teams, high starting point planning, high-standard construction, and high-level promotion of the construction of konjac industrial bases, creating a new highland for konjac industry research and learning and a modern agricultural industrial park of "grain and oil + konjac". The konjac industry has become a mountainous area. Economic development, the backbone industry of villagers' income increase.