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Leaders Of Sichuan Zhenxing Group Visited Sentaiyuan For Research

Time : 2023-06-16 Hits : 2

On the morning of June 5, the assistant general manager of Sichuan Revitalization Group, the chairman of the Industrial Research Institute and the chairman of Chuanji Group, Zhao Qichun and his party visited China Konjac Technology Demonstration Park and Sichuan Sentaiyuan Ltd. to visit and research.


China konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park, with variety display, breeding, technology demonstration as one, integrated big data, Internet of Things, smart agriculture, green prevention and control, agricultural product traceability, water and fertilizer integration and other modern agricultural elements, supporting the infrastructure of agricultural tourism, efforts to build a model area for the deep integration of konjac.


Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as a leading national agricultural industrialization enterprise in the konjac industry, to focus on the construction of the talent team to accelerate the base, park, digital factory upgrade, promote high-end, intelligent, green and go hand in hand, bigger and stronger konjac specialty industry. Full coverage of digital factory renovation, improve the innovation capacity of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and vigorously introduce professional technical personnel.