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Leaders Of The Provincial Department Of Ecology And Environment Visited Our Company For Investigation And Investigation

Time : 2022-06-28 Hits : 26

On June 22, the leaders of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment visited Sentiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for investigation and inspection. The leaders of Leshan Environmental Protection Bureau, Yu Bin, secretary of the Muchuan County Party Committee, Zhao Xing, the county magistrate, and leaders of relevant departments of Muchuan County were accompanied.


The leader and his party came to the visitor hall to learn about the development of the import and export of Sentiyuan. Then go deep into the production workshop and visit the corridor to learn about the development of konjac traditional development, modern technology development of konjac, and konjac planting technology. The leader and his party fully affirmed and highly appreciated the environmental protection management and corporate culture construction of Sentaiyuan.


The leaders emphasized that it is necessary to closely follow the state's energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, and actively carry out strict control of each production process and each production-related link, so as to ensure that the environmental protection level of the enterprise is ahead of its peers.


At the China Konjac Science Museum, the leaders deeply understood the ancient legend of konjac and the edible value of konjac.