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Leshan Agricultural Technicians Visit China's Konjac Technology Demonstration Park

Time : 2023-02-09 Hits : 5

55The morning of February 9, Leshan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and grassroots agricultural technicians and his entourage into the Chinese konjac technology demonstration park.

56Konjac Technology Demonstration Park with Southwest University's Konjac Research and Development Center and the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences to work closely together to build a modern konjac cultivation plant, with the China Konjac Association to discuss and share the country's only konjac industry data platform, the construction of the country's only intelligent greenhouse for konjac wisdom growth test, demonstration to lead the scientific management of konjac base.

57And later to the Senshuiyuan 3A industrial tourism scenic spot card konjac science education base, experience the konjac feast.