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Leshan City Federation Of Trade Unions To Sentaiyuan To Carry Out "send Warmth" Condolence Activities

Time : 2023-01-17 Hits : 7

   Sending warmth in the New Year. City Federation of Trade Unions party organization members, Vice President Lan Ning to Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to carry out 2023 warmth condolence activities for the hard-working Mu Yuan konjac workers to send condolences and condolences.


     Leshan City Federation of Trade Unions expressed concern for the "Mu source of konjac workers" to keep their jobs, hard work, and to send greetings and blessings to the Spring Festival, we are concerned about the year to keep their jobs, dedicated labor, and for each Mu source of konjac workers on behalf of the present sent condolences, the Party and the Government's care and warmth to our hands.


    The "Winter Warmth" sympathy activity not only let Sentaiyuan staff feel a cold winter warmth, but also felt the sincere care from Leshan City Federation of Trade Unions, which effectively stimulated the work enthusiasm of all staff, and they all said they would continue to work hard and contribute in the new year.