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Manager of Quality Control Department and R&D Manager of Morishiyuan was awarded the honour of "Leshan Craftsman"

Time : 2024-01-19 Hits : 1

Recently, the Quality Control Manager and R&D Manager of Sichuan Senjuyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been awarded the honour of "Leshan Craftsman" for her excellent professional skills and profound experience in the industry. This honour is not only a recognition of her personal achievement, but also an affirmation of the technical strength of Senjuyuan.


With her exquisite skills, rigorous work attitude and infinite love for drilling technology, Wang Li has overcome countless technical difficulties and achieved remarkable results in her long-term work practice. She not only leads the team to innovate at the technical level, but also exerts excellent leadership at the management level, leading the team to break through and achieve technical breakthroughs.


The honourable title of "Leshan Craftsman" not only highlights Wang Li's personal skill level, but also reflects the solid foundation of MorphoSource in technological innovation and talent cultivation. This honour will inspire Mori State Source to pay more attention to technology research and development and cultivate more excellent professional and technical talents to promote the sustainable development of the company's scientific research and technology.