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[Mori State Source Konjac Research Center] Let's explore the secrets of konjac!

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In the afternoon of October 23, children and parents from the Mu Chuan County Youth Activity Center Science Experiment Study Camp came to Sichuan Sentaiyuan Industrial Tourism Scenic Area to visit the konjac food processing process, explore the knowledge of konjac production, decipher the China Konjac Science Museum, and experience the konjac vegetarian feast.

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Led by the interpreter, the children visited the konjac production process, to understand the types of konjac, characteristics, growth conditions, etc.. Each child listened very carefully, while with full curiosity personally tasted the konjac deep processing products, the first time to understand the efficacy of konjac on the human body, as well as understanding the economic benefits of konjac primary processing, deep processing, from the experience to enhance the children's spirit of scientific exploration.

Konjac is a perennial herb of the family Tenascus, rich in dietary fiber, through the intestinal tract will absorb water and swell, promote intestinal peristalsis, thus playing the role of bowel movement. Konjac is rich in glucomannan, which can prevent the body from digesting and absorbing cholesterol, balancing the body's pH level.

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The study, so that children have an in-depth understanding of the culture of konjac, feel the development of the revitalization of the hometown industry ideas, inspire students to love their hometown culture and the spirit of industrial culture genes, help young children from childhood to develop a love of home, love of life, love of creativity thinking and sentiment. Explore the roots of the revitalization of the industry in their hometown, and build a sense of self-confidence, good learning and struggle. Students will be able to improve their comprehensive literacy by appreciating their hometown culture and participating in the dissemination activities of hometown culture.

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