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Mu Chuan County Held Training In Spring Sowing Techniques For Konjac

Time : 2023-03-24 Hits : 12

The current konjac spring sowing season, in order to enhance the standardized management of konjac cultivation, to accelerate the development of konjac industry. March 16, Mu Chuan County konjac Association held 2023 bead bud konjac planting technology training.


The training is conducted in the form of "lecture + field observation". In the training, the President of the Chinese Konjac Association, Southwest University Professor Zhang Shenglin and agronomists in-depth field, around the konjac characteristics, plot selection, land preparation, "fertilizer and water" integration, fertilization and watering and other standardized planting techniques and daily management points, face to face to explain to growers beads konjac spring sowing and spring planting technology.


To ensure that the konjac growers "can listen to understand, will use", to participate in the training of growers to the konjac planting base site observation, learning from konjac planting experience and practices.



Next, we will focus on the technical guidance of today's training and the actual situation in the town, and actively do a good job of planting farmers from konjac planting to management, digging the whole service, science and do a good job of aqueducts, cisterns and other supporting facilities one by one, focus on the standard construction of konjac primary processing plant.