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President Rika Sato of Sato Shoten Co., Ltd. and her delegation came to Sentaiyuan.

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Recently, the president of Japan Sato Shoten Co., Ltd, Sato Rika and his entourage came into Sentaiyuan, and the assistant to the chairman of Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd warmly received them and accompanied them to visit.


In Sichuan Sentaiyuan Bio-technology Co., Ltd, President Sato Rika and his party visited the company's production workshop, China Konjac Science Museum, Konjac Tasting Restaurant, and Konjac Product Display Area.



And later to the Chinese konjac science and technology demonstration park, Sato Lihua, president and his entourage in the park, in turn, visited the pearl bud konjac group cultivation experimental center, pearl bud konjac full life cycle garden, the global konjac germplasm resource nursery, through the chairman of the board of directors of the assistant Liuke's detailed introduction of the basic situation of China's konjac science and technology demonstration park and the cultivation of pearl bud konjac cultivation process, the growth of morphology changes, etc., Sato Lihua, president of the pearl bud konjac growth to produce very strong interest. President Sato Rihua was very interested in the growth of konjac.