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Professor Of Southwestern University Of Finance and Economics Enters Sentaiyuan

Time : 2022-11-22 Hits : 10

On the afternoon of November 22, Yang Wenbo, deputy secretary of the county party committee, led Professor Qiu of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics to visit the 3A level industrial tourism scenic spot in Sentaiyuan, Sichuan, accompanied by Professor Zhang Shenglin, president of China Konjac Association, and Liu Lei, general manager of the company.


Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2012 to build a series of konjac products processing, technology research and development center and testing center, scientific research base, research center, konjac exhibition and marketing shopping center and catering experience area, China Konjac Science Museum, etc. Now it has developed tourism formats such as tourism research of konjac industrial production, tourism research of konjac culture, experience research of konjac planting and production, technical exchange of konjac, and experience of konjac food.


Under the leadership and guidance of governments at all levels, the company firmly believes that science and technology is the first productive force, adheres to the road of developing enterprises through science and technology, sets up a special technology research and development center to carry out the inspection and trial production of konjac products and research and development of konjac production technology, actively introduces scientific and technical personnel, independently develops and designs a number of production equipment, and has outstanding technical capacity for export product research and development.3

Cooperate with scientific research institutions, set up an expert technical team, plan from a high starting point, build a high standard, and promote the construction of the konjac industrial base at a high level. Create a new highland for the production, learning and research of the konjac industry and a modern agricultural industrial park of "grain and oil+konjac". The konjac industry has become the backbone industry for economic development in mountain areas and income increase for villagers.