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Provincial Decision Advisory Committee Deputy Director Of The Delegation Of Economic Development Investigation

Time : 2022-06-15 Hits : 18

On the morning of June 15, 2022, Director Tang and his party visited our company and were warmly received by Liu Ke, assistant to the chairman. Director Tang and his entourage visited the company's industrial tourism tourist center, party-mass service center, agricultural product testing center, first-line konjac production workshop, konjac product tasting restaurant, modern agricultural supermarket, etc. Seize the opportunity, make the industry bigger and stronger, and boost rural revitalization with industrial revitalization.

2Liu Ke introduced: "Sentiyuan Company has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with Southwest University, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Leshan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other colleges and universities, built 3 scientific and technological demonstration bases, cooperated more than 10 scientific research projects, and carried out technical research. More than 20 times, it has promoted the construction of a 20,000-mu concentrated contiguous pearl bud and yellow konjac base; absorbed 7 industry experts and technical talents as the core members of the team, committed to the research and development of konjac technology, and successively obtained 1 invention patent and 39 utility model technology patents. It has obtained a number of international market certifications such as the British BRC certificate, the French IFS certificate, and the US FDA registration. The innovative research and development project of "high-quality konjac wet noodle technology integration and factory production" has been praised as an international advanced by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology and konjac industry experts."