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"A Magic Potato" Helps To Revitalize The Countryside

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Mu Xi Town "China konjac Technology Demonstration Park", in the comprehensive service center room, through the window glass of the konjac cultivation room can be seen, a variety of young shoots of konjac in the cultivation bottle to reveal new shoots. Into Sentaiyaun "global konjac germplasm resource bed", a large constant temperature shed, a variety of different varieties of konjac seedlings of different heights, shapes, growth is pleasing.



Demonstration Park covers an area of 600 acres, with a total investment of 94.63 million yuan. Set konjac planting, variety display, technology demonstration leading, processing, industrial tourism as one of the three production integration demonstration park.


Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. modern production plant, only to see the workers are busy in production. Organic konjac food from the mix of raw materials, to the packaging of konjac products out of the factory, a constant stream of ......


Sentaiyuan company is a collection of konjac series products research, production, sales, industrial tourism as one of the high-tech enterprises, is a national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises." The person in charge of the company said, "Through the 'company + base (park) + cooperative + farmers' model, successfully come out of a 'seeding, raising, plus' road, driving the county's konjac growers to increase income and help rural economic development ."