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"Magic" Park, "Konjac" You Meet

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Yongfu school students out of the classroom, out of school, into the Chinese konjac technology demonstration park, feel the pulse of spring, experience the new vitality of green.

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Konjac represents the wisdom of the people of Mu Chuan and conveys the culture of science and technology in this region. Through the study activities, children understand that konjac culture is all around us, approach it, understand it, like it, so that konjac culture shows freshness and charm.

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Then the students followed the lecturer to the konjac germplasm resource bed, close observation of the growth of different varieties of konjac, many children are the first time to see the konjac growing in the soil, this is like a konjac paradise, various stages of growth of konjac to meet the children's curiosity. "The original konjac grows like this, konjac can also grow so high ah." The children were very excited.

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Finally, the study activities of the Chinese konjac Science and Technology Park came to an end in a group photo.

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