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"Muyuan Taro Worker" Skills Competition

Time : 2022-04-28 Hits : 12


     This competition is a grand event to show the construction of the talent team of our company's employees, and it is also a comprehensive review of the professional skills and spiritual outlook of the company's employees. During the competition, all the contestants devoted themselves, worked hard, showed their magical powers, and fully demonstrated their professional skills and level. The judges and experts strictly abide by the competition evaluation management rules and conduct fair and impartial evaluations to ensure the objectivity, accuracy, transparency and impartiality of the competition results. All the staff worked together, united and cooperated to ensure the smooth progress of the competition. This competition, rich in content and outstanding in features, has achieved the purpose of improving the professional skills of employees of enterprises and promoting the construction of enterprise talent teams.


    With the theme of "New Era, New Skills, New Dreams", the competition adheres to the concept of openness, fairness, greenness and integrity, and realizes the goals of promoting learning, training, evaluation and awards through competitions. , aims to create a strong social atmosphere where labor is glorious, skills are valuable, and greatness is created, providing a solid foundation for the high-quality economic development of our city.