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"Strong Cooperation, Promote Consumption, Pursue Economy, Open New Bureau" in Agricultural Expo

Time : 2022-12-28 Hits : 7

50On December 2, the 8th Sichuan Agricultural Fair - Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Fair opened at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu Century City. During the 4-day session, with the theme of "Strong Cooperation, Promote Consumption, Spell Economy, Open New Bureau", the offline and online integration, focusing on trade effectiveness, positioning "offline professional exhibition, online consumer exhibition", to create a safe, efficient and wonderful agricultural event. Sentai - konjac" in Hall 2 is organic, green, ecological features to attract visitors from all directions.



Mu Chuan County is a key county in the national konjac industry, in recent years based on the advantages of konjac industry, broad prospects, focus on the concentration of elements, chain construction, focus on building large-scale planting, standardized production, refinement of processing, branding marketing system, high-end positioning to build a comprehensive strength of leading, domestic first-class, internationally competitive "China's konjac township ".

Mu Chuan County anchored "ecological development, catch up across" development path, the konjac industry as one of the county's three major agricultural characteristics pillar industries, relying on the leading enterprises to demonstrate the drive, 480,000 acres of selenium-rich soil advantageous resources, according to local conditions, focus on development.

53This year's Agricultural Fair insists on the combination of offline and online exhibition and sales, and innovates to create new scenes of consumption, new business models and new modes. In order to further fully reflect the characteristics of industrialization, branding and informationization of this year's agricultural fair, and fully promote the agricultural fair to become an important carrier of the new development pattern of "strong cooperation, promote consumption and open a new bureau".