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Sentai Konjac At The First China (macao) High Quality Consumer Expo!

Time : 2022-12-08 Hits : 23


The first China (Macao) International High Quality Consumer Expo kicked off on December 2 in Macau.


The exhibition is centered around the fields of "clothing, food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, culture and recreation", which are related to people's good life, to build a global high-quality products display and trading platform. The exhibits in the exhibition area of the High Quality Products Association were full of products, and the rich products in the Sentaiyuan exhibition area attracted a large number of visitors to stop and understand.


As a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Sentaiyuan to innovation to lead the high-quality development of the konjac industry as its responsibility, and constantly explore new heights of konjac. This time Moriyuan is with ecological - organic konjac noodles, konjac silk knot, low-fat konjac rice, konjac milk tea and a variety of products to appear in Macau high quality will, and continue to promote a high level of openness to the outside world.