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Sentaiyuan actively conducts fire safety training

Time : 2023-11-17 Hits : 3

Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to fire safety, in order to improve the company's employees' awareness of fire safety and the ability to deal with emergencies, held a fire safety training on 9 November.

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This training is rich in content. Fire safety related personnel explained in detail the basics of fire prevention and identification, the use and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment as well as fire escape and self-rescue. Through learning the relevant knowledge, the staff understood more deeply the importance of fire safety and the basic methods to deal with emergencies.

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Detailed fire safety requirements are explained for special places within the company. Various special places, such as flammable and explosive places, have specific fire safety regulations and requirements, emphasising the need to pay extra attention to fire safety and comply with the relevant regulations when in special places.


In addition, fire accident case analyses were conducted. By presenting real cases of fire accidents, the seriousness of fires and the importance of preventive measures were emphasised to enhance employees' awareness of fire safety.


Through this fire safety training, the company's staff's fire safety awareness and ability to deal with emergencies have been effectively enhanced.