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Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s booth at MIFB was a great success.

Time : 2023-07-18 Hits : 7

July 12-14 Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as a high-tech enterprise of konjac food was invited to participate in the exhibition.Sentaiyuan focuses on the dietary health of the majority of consumers, more than 10 years, continue to research and development and innovation in terms of raw materials, taste, appearance and quality of the product, and continue to unlock more new choices of konjac food. Sentaiyuan has been continuously developing and innovating in terms of raw materials, flavor, shape and quality for more than ten years, and has been unlocking new choices of konjac food.


At the exhibition site, the staff publicized and promoted the products and spread the new concept of konjac diet through brand introduction, product display, tasting experience and other diversified ways, and shared and exchanged in-depth with the customers from different countries, to continuously understand, excavate and satisfy the diversified market demand, expand the global market, and commit to bring health and quality to every family!


During the exhibition, Sentaiyuan exhibition area gathered customers from all over the world, this exhibition with the help of MIFB exhibition platform, demonstrated the company's good image and strong strength, to convey the company's green, organic, scientific and technological concepts; to further consolidate the feelings of the old customers, expanding the new customer groups, and gained the trust of new and old customers, the exhibition will be a complete success.