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Sentaiyuan Conducts Security Deployment Work

Time : 2023-04-19 Hits : 23

Sentaiyuan attaches great importance to production safety. In the afternoon of April 19, the company carried out a spring safety inspection to comprehensively check the risks and hazards and ensure that all safety measures are in place.


The manager of the company's safety and environmental protection department led the person in charge of each department to focus on the safety of electricity, the use of large machinery, fire equipment, warning signs and other situations, and for the existence of safety hazards to prevent requirements and specific corrective measures to implement to individuals. To prevent loopholes in production safety measures and to ensure the safety of the whole plant.

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First, fire safety work "human life is critical", each department should be fire safety management through every aspect of the work.

Second, to highlight the focus, clear work tasks. Keep an eye on the key areas such as office area, production area and staff gathering area, constantly improve the fire prevention and control system and alarm system, and effectively enhance the fire safety handling capability.

Third, we must thoroughly investigate and strengthen the rectification of hidden dangers. Put the hidden danger inspection firmly in place, regular inspection, timely rectification, and ensure the implementation of safety responsibilities in place.

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