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Sentaiyuan Konjac Science Museum Into The List Of Science Education Bases In Leshan

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As the first konjac theme science education pavilion, Sentaiyuan konjac science museum receives more than 10,000 visitors a year. To strengthen the carrying local cultural communication, promote industrial development, to do more culture, stronger industry, better products and drive local development as the spirit of the mission to bear, for the public to present a cultural and scientific and technological importance, science education and research and learning as one of the publicity and display platform.


China's konjac science museum is divided into seven exhibits introduced, the first exhibit for the origin of konjac, about the origin of konjac, the legendary story, showing the alias of China's konjac around the world, as well as the distribution and spread of konjac.52In the immersive viewing room, you will be able to immerse yourself in the experience of "The Magic Konjac".

54The second exhibition area is the pride of konjac, built with konjac growth view corridor, containing the konjac species of morphology, flowers and knowledge introduction, the botanical properties of konjac, nutritional value display, as well as konjac food model exhibit, the image is realistic and mouth-watering.

55The third exhibition area is the konjac journey, where you can see the history of the development of the konjac industry from ancient times to the present, including the distribution of konjac planting base, primary, finishing and deep processing process, the history of key nodes in miniature.

56The fourth exhibition area is the dream of konjac, combined with the development of a large health industry, focusing on the construction of a unified large market, relying on a large platform for rural revitalization opportunities off, konjac industry is bound to usher in a new round of development of spring.

57The last thing you see is the konjac poetry, where you can both taste the konjac culture and take a group photo.

58Sentaiyuan konjac science museum has received tens of thousands of visitors since the opening of the museum in July this year, konjac science education, efforts to create features, create effective and expand the impact. In the future, we will let more people understand konjac, so that konjac to the world, the world knows Sentaiyuan.