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Sichuan Provincial Committee of Agriculture and Rural Affairs visited Sentaiyuan

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Zhou Lunbin, deputy chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, chairman of the Leshan Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Leshan Municipal People's Congress, led a team to visit the Sentaiyuan Industrial Tourist Scenic Spot for investigation and investigation. Yang Wenbo was accompanied.


Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. The company is engaged in the management of konjac products and has rich experience in developing the export trade of konjac products, which are exported to Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Japan and other 46 countries and region. Construction of konjac series product processing, technology research and development center and laboratory center, scientific research base, konjac science museum and research center, konjac exhibition shopping center and catering experience area, and has developed konjac industrial production tourism research, konjac cultural tourism research, konjac cultivation and production Experience research, konjac technology exchange, konjac food experience and other tourism forms.


Since its establishment, Sentaiyuan Company has adhered to the road of relying on science and technology, seeking survival by quality, and seeking development by efficiency, taking the ecological and green Muchuan as the cornerstone of development, focusing on long-term and stable development, and setting up a technology research and development center to conduct konjac product inspection and testing. Trial production and research and development of konjac production technology, actively introduce scientific research and technical talents, cooperate with Southwest University and other institutions, rely on China Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park, set up the Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle Konjac R&D Center and Konjac Expert Workstation, and strive to create a collection of konjac planting and varieties. Demonstration benchmark for the integration of the three industries, integrating display, technology demonstration, high-quality processing, and leisure tourism.

2-3Fully implement the scientific concept of development, take science and technology as the support, market as the orientation, and technological progress as the driving force, focus on building high-quality konjac science and technology demonstration parks, focus on industrialized operation, explore new varieties of konjac as the goal, and develop high-standard and high-quality development Expand the konjac industry and promote the all-round development of agriculture and rural economy.