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Strengthen Epidemic Prevention And Control, And Firmly Grasp The Construction Of Industrial Projects

Time : 2022-04-08 Hits : 17

On April 6, the secretary of the county party committee went to Sentiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park, Zhuji-Muchuan Co-constructed Characteristic Industrial Park, and Dibao Township Konjac Planting Base to investigate the development of konjac industry and project construction. He emphasized that all departments at all levels in the county should insist on focusing on project construction on one hand and epidemic prevention and control on the other, so as to ensure the steady progress of the construction of characteristic industries and key projects.


At the construction site of the Konjac Research Center of Southwest University of Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park, and the Zhuji- Muchuan joint construction of characteristic industrial parks, Yu Bin learned about the construction of the project in detail through field inspections and listening to reports. Give affirmation to the project construction.


During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, our county regards konjac as one of the three characteristic industries, and strives to guide the development of the konjac industry through policy funding subsidies, agricultural machinery subsidies, and winter greenhouse subsidies. It is estimated that this year the county's konjac planting area is 10,000 mu, and it is planned to develop a konjac planting area of 30,000 mu within three years.

2-1Right now is the period of konjac planting. In the vast countryside, you can see the hot scene of villagers planting konjac. At the high-yield and high-efficiency konjac demonstration base in Huayuan Village, Dibao Township, Yu Bin had a cordial conversation with the owner to learn about the overwintering of konjac seeds and the planting of konjac. It is reported that the high-yield and high-efficiency konjac demonstration base in Dibao Township is led by Zhang Shenglin, chairman of the Konjac Association of the Chinese Horticultural Association, professor of Southwest University, and director of the Konjac Research Center, and invested and constructed by Muchuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of Southwest University. The demonstration base covers an area of 500 mu. 10 million yuan.