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Strengthen Food Production Management And Build A Solid Food Safety Defense Line

Time : 2023-01-05 Hits : 14

Food Safety Responsibility Training


In order to further strengthen the management of food production, urge food safety officers to implement the main responsibility of food safety and improve the level of food safety management. Recently, Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. carried out training on the theme of "training and implementation of enterprise food safety responsibilities".


The training mainly urged the company's food safety officers in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, clear job responsibilities, and combined with the actual, establish and improve the daily control, weekly inspection, monthly scheduling work system and mechanism to further implement the main responsibility of enterprises, improve the standard management of food and quality and safety level, and effectively put the main responsibility of food safety into practice. 

13Liu Lei, general manager of the company, stressed that "all food safety officers should effectively enhance the sense of responsibility for food safety, strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, strictly standardize management, strengthen the awareness of risk prevention, eliminate food safety hazards from the source, grasp all aspects of production work, the implementation of Sentaiyuan food safety."