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Technology Empowered To Create A New Era Of Konjac Industry

Time : 2023-09-26 Hits : 3

September 16, by the Chinese Horticultural Society Konjac Association hosted the Sichuan Intellectual Property Operations Centre Konjac Industry Centre co-organised the 2023 China Konjac Industry Development Conference opened in Muchuan County.


China Horticultural Society Konjac Association, Sichuan Intellectual Property Operations Centre Konjac Industry Centre to invite industry professionals, around the theme of on-site research and visit, the General Assembly experience exchange, expert theme report, investment promotion, group interactive discussions and other activities, and jointly explore the new situation of the development of the konjac industry in the new industry, new modes, new technologies, new equipment, and to promote the konjac industry to a higher quality, a higher level, a higher level of progress.


Industrial prosperity is the primary task of rural revitalisation. Sichuan is China's konjac is one of the main producing areas, konjac industry foundation is complete, processing technology, long industrial chain, konjac brand is loud, Muchuan konjac is a well-known geographical indications products, has long been out of the country, to the world. Sincerely hope that all experts and scholars, entrepreneurs to the Chinese konjac industry development conference as an opportunity to play their respective advantages and strengths, sharing information, exchange of ideas, in-depth discussion, and further strengthen the academic communication, co-operation, and jointly promote the development of China's konjac industry of high quality. I hope that Muchuan County to further develop and expand the konjac industry, for the Sichuan rural revitalisation to make a demonstration and model.


Huazhong Agricultural University expert Li Bin around the "konjac in the era of health under the line and think" proposed: konjac industry development should focus on dietary fibre and chronic diseases associated with dietary fibre to regulate the body's metabolism, konjac nutrition and health characteristics, konjac health industry and other aspects.


Southwest University Professor Liu Xiong around the "konjac deep processing technology status quo and development trend" proposed: konjac food manufacturing industry should focus on the fast-paced, nutritional, diversified national health diet consumption needs of new changes in the new demand for the development of emerging industries, basic research and applied research, and continue to improve the level of processing and manufacturing technology to achieve the processing and manufacturing process of intelligent and efficient use of cleaner production.