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The Delegation Of The Cppcc Central District Of Leshan City Came To Mu And Walked Into The Sentaiyuan

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On the afternoon of July 20, 2022, Yang Lei, vice chairman of the Leshan Municipal Committee of the Democratic League, vice chairman of the Shizhong District Political Consultative Conference, and Chen Chongjun, the mayor of Muxi Town, visited the Sentiyuan Scenic Area.


The instructor of the scenic spot introduced: "With the unique natural conditions of Muchuan County and the existing konjac industry foundation, Sentaiyuan Company adopts "leading enterprises, large planters + poor households", "borrowing seeds for returning crops" and "free for poverty-stricken areas". Through the continuous expansion of the base through joint farming and leading farmers, konjac will be developed into a characteristic planting industry with good prospects for industrial development."


Konjac products have changed from ingredients to staple foods, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 1,000 tons. At present, our company has a good sales network in the United States, Canada, Indonesia and other countries, mainly focusing on the North American and Western European food markets, and producing more functional products mainly for reducing fat and sugar.


The company adheres to the road of developing the enterprise through science and technology, and pays special attention to the application of science and technology. It has set up a special technology research and development center with 18 research and development personnel to carry out the inspection and trial production of konjac products and the research and development of konjac production technology.

2-3Our company will make good use of the golden signboard of the geographical indication of "Muchuan Konjac", relying on the AAA-level scenic spot for industrial tourism and the Konjac Product Expo Hall to further recommend konjac products and health care culture; continue to improve the konjac base-konjac primary processing-konjac intensive processing- The stability and competitiveness of the online and offline sales industry chain at home and abroad will focus on the new development pattern.