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The Leadership Delegation Of Xuyong County, Luzhou Walked Into Muchuan And Into The Sentaiyuan!

Time : 2022-06-20 Hits : 19

On the afternoon of June 20, 2022, the party and government delegation of Xuyong County, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province visited Muchuan County for inspection and exchange and visited Sentiyuan, accompanied by Zhou Dawei, Deputy Secretary of Muchuan County Party Committee.

2The delegation visited the laboratory technology workshop, food processing workshop, konjac museum, and konjac modern agricultural supermarket, listened carefully to the introduction, and learned more about Muchuan konjac based on its resource endowment, giving play to its comparative advantages, and developing the county-based characteristic agricultural industry according to local conditions. Experience, and conduct in-depth exchanges on the planting, processing, sales and policy support of Senshiyuan konjac and Muchuan konjac. The leaders of the delegation said that the agricultural industry in Muchuan County has clear ideas, scientific planning, and obvious characteristics, especially in terms of intensive planting and processing, with a complete industrial chain, strong scientific and technological support, obvious brand benefits, and strong market competition. An industry has been explored. sustainable and healthy development. Xuyong County must combine the actual situation, conscientiously summarize and learn from Daozhen's good experience, new ideas and new practices, develop industries according to local conditions, and accelerate the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

1The delegation finally stated that the two places need to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in planting, processing, agricultural biotechnology, etc., to achieve complementary advantages, and jointly promote the modernization of agriculture and rural development in the two places.