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The Magical Konjac "Sentaiyuan No. 9"

Time : 2022-08-04 Hits : 10

In December 2021, researchers from Sichuan Sentai Prosperity Konjac Planting Co., Ltd. discovered an unknown konjac at an altitude of 1,300 meters in Lijiashan, Muchuan County, Leshan City. Unknown alpine wild konjac.


The skin of this konjac is dark brown, yellow in profile, 10 cm in diameter, without short stolons, and root scars are ring-shaped and bulging. Leaves solitary, occasionally with two leaves on a tuber; petiole smooth, 40-180 cm long, basal diameter 1-8 cm, green, olive green, brown-green or nearly black, with a large number of oblong, rhombic or striped Large light green patches, some with a large number of small light green dots; leaves highly divided, crown diameter 75-200 cm, with epiphytic bulblets on the main bifurcation and the center of the branch furthest from the petiole

6After 4 months of careful cultivation by the R&D personnel, a new type of konjac was born due to the characteristics of cold resistance and frost resistance and suitable for high-altitude growth, combined with the hybridization of high-quality white konjac. Hence the name "Sentaiyuan No. 9".