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The United Front Work Department Of The Municipal Party Committee Went To Muchuan County To Investigate The United Front Work Of New Social Class People

Time : 2022-05-31 Hits : 15

On the morning of May 31, 2022, the Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Leshan Municipal Party Committee and his party conducted an on-site investigation on Sichuan Sentiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a member company of the new social class association. Through on-the-spot inspection, listening to reports, and other methods to investigate the development of the united front work of people from new social classes.


In the visitor center on the first floor, the leader and his party have an in-depth understanding of the development of the Muchuan konjac industry. Minister Cai pointed out that it is necessary to continue to give full play to the intelligence-intensive advantages of the United Front, fully explore the potential of United Front work, help the "Tongxin Industrial Park" to develop at a higher quality, and boost the construction of modern agriculture.

2-1The research team emphasized that, firstly, we must focus on the strong characteristics of the carrier, in accordance with the requirements of "five have four views", combined with the actual situation of Muchuan, do a good job in the upgrading and upgrading of the practice innovation base for people from new social classes, and strive to improve the practice innovation base and new-level work. The degree of fit promotes the standardized, normalized and characteristic development of the base. Second, we must focus on nurturing and promoting growth, carry out various forms of friendship and friendship activities, in-depth understanding of the ideological conditions, production and living conditions of new-class people, help solve practical difficulties within our ability, and promote new-class people to grow into talents. Third, we must focus on quality and efficiency to create a brand, innovate working methods and methods, build a platform carrier, give full play to the intellectual advantages and professional expertise of new-level people, guide and support them to innovate and start businesses, provide suggestions and serve the society, and create attractive, influential, and radiating. New-level United Front work brand.