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Warmly Welcome Vietnamese Guests To Sentaiyuan

Time : 2023-07-03 Hits : 1


Recently, a group of guests from Vietnam entered the Chinese Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park.


Vietnamese guests and his entourage in the park, in turn, visited the pearl bud konjac group cultivation experimental center, pearl bud konjac full life cycle garden, the global konjac germplasm resource nursery, through the lecturer introduced in detail to understand the basic situation of China's konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park and the cultivation process of pearl bud konjac, the growth of morphology changes and so on, the konjac produced a very strong interest in the konjac.100

And then came to Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd, the Vietnamese guests visited the company's production workshop, Chinese konjac science museum, konjac tasting restaurant, konjac product display area, and tasted the special konjac gourmet feast.


Mori state source through the konjac processing industry status quo, the market demand for konjac products and konjac processing technology development maturity and advanced full research, and Southwest University and other domestic a number of long-term engaged in the production of konjac and product research and development of scientific research institutes, the introduction of scientific and technological talent, the use of a number of patents and advanced mature technology, to carry out the konjac full effect of the construction of the project construction bio-utilization projects, construction project products are categorized as basic products, Intermediate products and end products.