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Working Together To Promote Business Development

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In order to further grasp the development opportunities and promote the economic synergy between the two regions in the field of commerce and trade, the president of Meishan City Trade Promotion Association and the president of Meishan International Chamber of Commerce led a visit to Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co.

12Liu Lei introduced to: "Now the konjac industry project has been achieved from the front-end single primary raw materials to the terminal deep processing, from the field to the table industry leap, the formation of the konjac base - konjac primary processing - konjac Deep processing - the complete industrial chain of domestic and international sales of konjac products."

13The company's production of konjac dietary fiber powder, konjac powder, konjac gel food, konjac rice, noodles, konjac dessert five series of hundreds of products sold throughout the country and abroad, has been exported to the United States, France, Germany and other more than 60 countries and regions.