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Zhejiang Shaoxing Party And Government Delegation Visited The Company For Investigation

Time : 2022-07-21 Hits : 14

1On the morning of July 12, 2022, Vice Chairman of the Shaoxing Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province, Ling Fang, Chairman of the Shaoxing Municipal Committee of the Democratic League, Yao Lianghuo, Director of the Human Resources and Environment Committee, and Yu Lenu, the full-time Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Shaoxing Municipal Committee of the Democratic League, visited Sentaiyuan The visit was accompanied by Liu Shuyu, vice chairman of the Leshan CPPCC and chairman of the Democratic League Municipal Party Committee, and Yu Bin, secretary of the Muchuan County Party Committee.

2Afterwards, the instructor introduced the company's production workshop visit channel, the Chinese konjac science museum, the konjac tasting restaurant, and the konjac product supermarket to the research team. Through on-the-spot visits, enterprise introductions and product tastings, the leaders have a comprehensive understanding of the konjac industry from the types of konjac, the growth process of konjac, the production and processing of konjac and the sales of konjac products.


The research team has an in-depth understanding of Sentiyuan's corporate culture and development history, and inquired about the company's production and operation, scientific research innovation, brand characteristics, party building, etc., and focused on visiting the China Konjac Science Museum, Sentiyuan's product advantages and corporate development. The strength has been highly recognized by the leaders.

2-2Finally, the research team visited the Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park. The Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park is the core project of the national-level "grain and oil + konjac" modern agricultural industrial park in Muchuan County, covering an area of 603 mu with a total investment of 94.63 million yuan. The park integrates variety display, improved variety breeding, and technology demonstration, integrates modern agricultural elements such as big data, Internet of Things, smart agriculture, green prevention and control, agricultural product traceability, water and fertilizer integration, and supports agricultural tourism infrastructure. A new highland for konjac production, teaching and research in the urban economic circle. At present, the construction of the Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park project has come to an end.