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Diligent Cultivation, Promote The Development Of Konjac Industry

Time : 2023-08-07 Hits : 2

In order to further expand and strengthen the konjac industry, improve konjac production and economic benefits, the konjac industry development "combination punch".


Zizhu Township to stabilize food production as the core, and actively promote the konjac corn planting economic model, to achieve "konjac set of corn, a place of two harvests". Up to now, planting area of more than 500 acres.


"Konjac likes shade, corn likes sun. Corn's tall stalks can hold up for the konjac 'sunshade', to prevent strong light burns konjac. Pursuing the konjac organic fertilizer loosened the soil, but also conducive to the growth of such root crops as corn, thus achieving 'two uses of a land, a land double harvest' effect of high yield." At present, corn has begun to prepare for harvesting, konjac will be harvested in November, it is expected that the mu yield can reach 3 tons.


In order to help growers effectively prevent and cope with the adverse effects of high temperature weather on the growth of konjac, the formation of agricultural technical services group, regularly to the konjac field to check the konjac growth and the existence of the problem, to the planting households to publicize the trend of weather changes, guiding the planting households to plan ahead, early preparations. In the konjac base next to a new 2500m³ pipe cover pool, supporting drip irrigation system.