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Konjac Rice Made Of

Whether you want a healthier alternative to white rice or want to try something new, konjac rice made of may be for you. Despite its low carbohydrate level, it is high in fiber and makes an excellent sauce basis. It can also give your cuisine a pleasant, fishy fragrance, which many people enjoy.

Low in carbohydrates

You should include konjac rice in your meals whether you're on a low carb diet or just want to be healthy. This low carbohydrate, low calorie rice has a neutral flavor that goes well with a variety of recipes.

Konjac contains glucomannan, a type of dietary fiber that can help control blood sugar levels. It's also thought to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and improve intestinal health. It's also an excellent source of soluble fiber at a low carbohydrate level.

The plant itself is a Southeast Asian root vegetable that has only lately been introduced to western markets. Many health food stores sell miracle rice and other konjac plant products.

This low carbohydrate rice is made from the same ingredients as shirataki noodles, which are often used in Japanese cooking. They're gluten free and contain no fat. It can also be used as a low carb alternative to pasta.

Miracle rice is made from konjac root, which has a low glycemic index and contains a high fiber content. It also has no fat or calories, making it a good choice for the ketogenic diet.

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