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japanese konjac noodles

A healthy diet is essential, and this involves selecting the appropriate foods. The japanese konjac noodles are one of the foods that you may like to include into your diet. These very healthy noodles are derived from the konjac plant. Additionally, they offer other advantages, including flavor and texture.


Ito-Konnyaku, also known as "white waterfall" in Japanese, is a traditional Japanese noodle. Ito-Konnyaku, unlike shirataki, is typically manufactured in the Kansai and Osaka areas of Japan and has a diameter of 4 to 8 millimeters.

Ito-Konnyaku is made of konjac yam. The root is pounded into a powder, which is then combined with a coagulant to form cakes.

It is also often used to produce shirataki. According to Japanese custom, both types of japanese noodles low carb are prepared using the same techniques, although they are not identical.

Konnyaku is low in calories and a good source of vitamins and minerals. Numerous health shops and Japanese supermarkets carry it. It is an excellent source of the cholesterol-lowering dietary fiber glucomannan. Glucomannan also has a high vitamin C concentration.

Generally, konnyaku noodles are light and sweet. They pair well with soups and stews. They are an excellent low-carb substitute for rice and other kinds of noodles. They are edible both raw and cooked.

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