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Konjac Noodles are an incredibly tasty and healthy alternative to ordinary noodles. With the health benefits, the nutritional value, and the delicious recipes, konjac noodles are becoming increasingly popular.

Textural traits of the noodles

The current study looked at how different treatments affected the textural properties of konjac root noodles. This study focuses on the impact of replacing low-protein wheat flour with konjac glucomannan on tensile strength, elongation, and cohesiveness. The following tests were carried out for this purpose: rehydration, initial moisture content, drying, and texture profile analysis. A number of rehydration and drying techniques were used. However, soaking in hot water for nine minutes was the most effective form of rehydration. This approach made it possible to achieve optimal tensile strength, elongation, adsorption, and cohesion. The tensile strength of the konjac noodles improved after rehydration, particularly in the later phases of rehydration. On the other hand, the proportion of elongation reduced. Furthermore, the cooked noodles became more cohesive. The texture of the generated konjac noodles was comparable to that of the commercial version. The 3% KGM and 1% sodium alginate group had the greatest springiness and cohesiveness scores among the treatments. They also possessed softer textures and improved sensory properties.

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