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konjac noodles fibre

Including konjac noodles fibre in your meals is critical if you want to stay in shape. There are numerous benefits to having fiber in your diet, including the prevention of colon cancer, the reduction of blood fat levels, and the improvement of digestion.

Reduces blood-fat levels

The soluble fiber in konjac noodles, glucomannan, may lower blood fat levels and help regulate cholesterol. This fiber has been demonstrated to improve cholesterol and glucose levels, cut LDL and total cholesterol, and lower blood sugar.

It may also aid with appetite control. Fibers can reduce the energy-to-weight ratio of foods, making them more full. They may also aid in the prevention of hemorrhoids and diverticular disease. They can also delay the rate at which carbs are taken into the bloodstream.

Researchers in Japan and China have spent decades producing konjac glucomannan-based meals. According to their research, fibre can lower cholesterol, manage bowel motions, and aid to normalize blood sugar levels.

In one study, rats were fed glucomannan and glucose-rich diets. The glucomannan reduced postprandial blood glucose levels, increased satiety, and decreased fat mass, according to the findings. The fibers also enhanced probiotic bacteria in the feces.

Another study found that glucomannan may help diabetics lower their blood sugar levels. It also aids in the control of fructosamine secretion. These data imply that glucomannan could be employed as an adjuvant therapy for diabetics.

A 2008 comprehensive study discovered that konjac glucomannan fiber may assist to lower blood glucose levels and the risk of developing type II diabetes. The researchers stated that more research is needed to understand how this dietary fiber may act.

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