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pasta konjac noodles

If you're on a diet or attempting to cut back on your caloric consumption, shirataki noodles are a great choice. Low in calories, these pasta konjac noodles are produced from the konjac yam corm. They are great for people with food intolerances or allergies.


Konjac pasta has a variety of components, including the fiber glucomannan. It benefits your digestive system and aids in making you feel full. This specific form of fiber, however, has no effect on your daily net carbohydrate intake.

Prebiotics are another element in konjac pasta. The digestion of other substances is aided by these microorganisms. They are also essential for good health in general. Additionally critical to maintaining a healthy gut environment are these bacteria.

The fiber is the main component of konjac pasta noodles. It contains 40% soluble fiber, which is believed to help control blood sugar and decrease cholesterol. Additionally, it contains antioxidants.

Calcium is another component of konjac pasta. This ingredient stabilizes the form of the noodles. This lessens the chance of them falling through the cracks while cooking.

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Skinny Spaghetti

When it comes to satisfying your pasta desires without jeopardizing your health, Skinny Spaghetti konjac pasta noodles is a fantastic option whether you're a vegetarian or simply looking to reduce your calorie intake. It is also devoid of soy and gluten and has a low calorie count. You may quickly prepare a hearty supper with it because it can be microwaved.

It's also among the best-tasting substitutes for regular spaghetti. Additionally, you may blend it with tomato sauce or add it to a variety of soups and stews. Additionally, it has no smell, so you may eat it guilt-free for the same number of calories as conventional spaghetti.

Only 9 calories per serving, the Skinny Spaghetti packs a powerful nutritious punch. It is one of the foods with the largest amounts of fiber and is, unlike conventional spaghetti, free of soy and gluten. Additionally, a bag of Skinny Spaghetti is the least expensive spaghetti, costing only a few dollars.

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